Dynamic . . . Exciting . . . Inspirational!

James Lee Valentine has a passion for life that is unquenchable. In his direct and empowering book — PURE POWER — he shares a sure-fire formula for you to positively impact your life and become committed to personal excellence.

Through harnessing the Power of the Universe that resides within us all, you will be able to design your life for maximum success and truly live your life fully. Great health, wealth, wisdom and happiness . . . you really can have it all. 

PURE POWER is a comprehensive guide to successfully achieving the most with your own life in every respect. You will be motivated and inspired by the self-belief of the author that sets the tone of this powerful work.

(300-pages, softcover, dimensions: 9" x 6")

The POWER POCKETBOOKS are a comprehensive guide to successfully achieving the most with your own life in every respect. The author conveys his own unquenchable passion with phenomenal confidence. You will be motivated by James Lee Valentine's go-getting attitude and the self-belief that permeates this powerful series.

I dare you to make your life a masterpiece of achievement. Read each of these ten books in sequence, put the life-changing principles into action, design a life that radiates brilliance . . . and enthusiastically live each fabulous day to the maximum!

(64-pages, hardcover, dimensions: 6" x 4")
(64-pages, hardcover, dimensions: 6" x 4")

Inspiring the soul and inducing action, these collections of POWER Quotes will empower you into taking action to improve all areas of your life.

Compiled by James Lee Valentine, these quotations are from all corners of the world. With the common theme of inspiration, they are the ideal recipe for achievement, success and fulfillment.

Utilize the Power of the Universe to Unleash Your Ultimate Potential
The POWER 101s
These five mini-books in easy-to-carry size (only 4" x 3") are the perfect answer to those moments when you need immediate inspiration. 

These are positive power books of the highest degree. Read them and feel yourself become immediately empowered through the absolute force of the written word.

(112-pages, hardcover, dimensions: 4" x 3")
Be Empowered for Life!

These books are strictly for ACTION PEOPLE only


These books contain words that are intensely inspiring - they may hit you in the gut and knock your socks off!

It is inevitable that men and women will have a strong positive reaction to this material.

This can lead to a life of great fortune, success and happiness.

Be warned: this positive philosophy works!

(272-pages, softcover, dimensions: 7.5" x 5")
(series of ten titles)
(series of two titles)
(series of five titles)